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Guiding you through difficult times.

We take care of our clients with skilled legal assistance and compassion during some of life’s most difficult periods.

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Our Approach

We take pride in creating comfortable transitions for our clients and their families through:

  • Expertise


    We practice family law exclusively, leveraging decades of experience.

  • Knowledge


    We educate our clients about the legal process and work hard to help them understand the legal considerations and the proceedings in which they are involved.

  • Guidance


    We provide our clients with a realistic assessment of their case, and guide them through the process—empowering them to make the best decisions possible.

  • Clarity


    Using simple, thorough explanations, we make the legal process easy to understand so clients know what to expect.

  • Compassion


    We recognize our clients’ feelings and meet them where they are, working as a partner and a sounding board during their most trying times.

What our clients say

  • “I have nothing but praise for Jane Binder and everyone at the Binder Law Office. They calmly and professionally guided me from the early days of panic and fear to the resolution of my divorce and the opportunity to build a new life. Jane's wise and caring manner meant so much to me during the most difficult challenge of my life. When I was weak, she was strong, smart and assertive.  There is no one I would rather have at my side. You and your staff are my ‘sheros’!”

  • “I was very pleased with Ms. Owen's representation not just because of the legal counsel she gave but the compassion she chose to show me and my family during this transition in our lives. She was an advocate and fought hard for us but more importantly she is a warm, kind-hearted, ethical person and made sure I did the right thing for me and my family even during the dark times.”

  • “I was very pleased with Jane’s representation of me. She listened to my concerns, responded quickly, and gave sound advice. She helped diminish my worries during a stressful time.”

  • “Jane’s staff is the best—they are as professional as you can get. They answer your questions and make you feel special and important. They are excellent.”

  • “One book ends and I begin another. I am grateful and thankful that Becky and her crew were with me in my latest chapter.”

  • “Jane was the consummate professional and was very detailed and thorough. She communicated well, and with her expertise and effort, I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. If you are looking for a family attorney, and want someone who understands the law to be on your side and to fight for you, I highly recommend you hire Jane Binder as your attorney.”

  • “Jane is an outstanding attorney. She was accessible via phone or email and always made time when I needed to speak to her urgently. She has insight and advised me seriously, candidly, and with a sense of humor that made talking with her easy. On behalf of my kids, thank you Jane!”

  • “Thanks to you and all of your wonderful staff. I will never forget the expertise and support that you gave at such a crucial time in my life. You have made all the difference in my being able to start over.”

  • “Jane’s professionalism, her knowledge of legal strategy, her team’s ability to translate a complex situation into an executable plan and, yes, her compassion, helped us successfully navigate through a challenging but necessary family transition. I would, without hesitation, refer family members and friends to her firm should they need legal services.”

  • "I am very happy with Becky Owen and Binder Law. Divorce isn't fun, but they made it less stressful because I saw that they were representing my interests while still being fair to everyone involved.”

  • “For me, Jane was the voice of reason in an unreasonable situation. Jane listens, is empathetic and truly cares about her clients. She worked for me to get the best outcome possible. After meeting with her the first time, I knew Jane was the best person to represent me.”


Our Team

  • Jane Binder

    leads Binder Law Offices with over 30 years of experience as a successful trial lawyer, skilled negotiator, qualified mediator, experienced Settlement Conference Moderator, and a Financial Early Neutral Evaluator. As an expert in family law, she is repeatedly designated as a Super Lawyer, and is a fellow and a Past President of the Minnesota Chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML).

  • Becky Owen

    brings a fresh perspective to Binder Law Offices after clerking for more than two years for the Honorable Judge Jane Ranum of Hennepin County Family Court. Becky’s clerking experience enables her to provide clients with a firsthand perspective of courtroom procedures and effective litigation strategies, helping clients reach the best resolution possible.

  • Jami Milow

    works exclusively in the area of family law and has been a paralegal to Jane Binder for more than 20 years. Jami has experience in all aspects of clients’ cases, including drafting pleadings and correspondence, assisting with the discovery process, and preparing for mediation and trial.

  • Angelique Wright

    has worked in family law since 2001, and has been with Binder Law Offices for 10 years. Angie provides direct support to both Jane Binder and Becky Owen, including scheduling, drafting of correspondence and pleadings, and file management.